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Soluzione commercio elettronico

Effectively manage your catalogue with our easy to use back-office e-commerce solution. Wheter your store offers a few products or thousands, our store management web interface gives you the ability to update the availability of stock in a single click. Import and export data easily, sets the attributes, manage product categories, create promotions … and much more! Managing a business has never been so simple …. show your products in a personalized way! Give customers many options to display the products of their choice. Provide multiple viewpoints and increase the conversion rate. Let customers zoom and display products from different point of view. The choice of products and the payment is made ​​in three simple steps.






Effectively insert large quantities of products by simply uploading them. Make changes to the products features in a single click or modify the products individually. Our e-commerce solution allows you to import lareg amount of products and upload the entire file directly inside the store. Export in Excel file format with ease and define your preferences.   


Would you like to let customers know the availability of a certain product? Our e-commerce solution allows you to display the exact number of items available for selling. When a product is purchased, the availability decreases on the product description page. Displaying the availability of products pushes the undecided customers to buy and helps you to increase your store conversion rate.  


You probably have a variety of wonderful pictures to show to your customers. We let you place all the pictures you want inside the product details page. A comprehensive description and some high resolution pictures help customers to make a decision and display your product from different points of view. You can insert as many pictures as you want.   


The zoom feature offers buyers a better view of what they buy. Zoom allows customers to click on a product and enlarge pictures as they want. This feature is handy especially for accessories, tools and clothing.  You simply have to upload high resolution pictures and activate the zoom feature.   


The wish lists it’s a nice feature that allows customers to create lists of articles they would like to buy in the future. Customers might appreciate to record an item to buy on a special occasion. As admin, you can also send automatic e-mails to remind customers a product is now available in your store for purchasing. 


Customers can express their opinion by posting a comment in real time on your details product page. Buyers will be able to read the comments while viewing the product. Show the opinions of consumers is one of the best marketing strategies. Ask customers to leave a comment on products purchased let you know what they think of your products. You really have to take into account these comments.


Customers will be able to buy a product or more in a single page page check-out. Your customers will appreciate very much and this increase the conversion rate of your store.


When ordering, you can offer customers the option of gift packaging for their items, they can also add a personalized message. This feature is great for customers special occasions and holidays. Customers will appreciate very much and they purchase gifts regularly in your store. 


Follow your customers is important to ensure brand loyalty. Our solution allows you to send automatic e-mail and special offers based on various criteria. You can decide to send e-mail to customers who did not complete a transaction on your site. You can send promotions on items that your customers particularly like. 


Send newsletters periodically allow you to inform customers of future events, promotions and news of your store. Our e-commerce solution offers them the opportunity to subscribe through a simple form. You can follow new subscriptions inside the ‘statistics’ of your private area.


All registered users can create their own client accounts with their shipping preferences, they can modify their billing addresses, see their orders list, register to the store newsletter. 


If a customer decides to return  a product bought on your website, the RMA system allows you and the customer to handle returns quickly and easily with step by step status update.