Web Marketing Services

Web MarketingYou came here probably because you need to promote your company and your services on the internet. Everyone wants to be first in search engines, but not all deserve to be there. To get there you have to plan a long-term strategy after considering all aspects of the industry in which your business operates. Our customers do not ask us marketing services because we are the most talented, but because they appreciate what we did for them. Let’s see what we can do for your company:







Creazione di contenuti

Your site needs content that best represent the image of your company on the internet! Some of our content marketing services include: custom, unique content for you site, support and management for your blogging platform. 

Informa i tuoi clienti

Your site is working for you or is this just on the internet? With billions of web pages are you sure that your potential customers will find you? CbsNet put in place a combination of technical and marketing strategies that help your company to rank higher in search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Do you need to boost your brand’s social media presence? We help you to make your social channel a lively and vibrant community by provoking your customers engagement using caption contests, surveys and questions. After that, we monitor the results, the response of your potential customers, we analyze your competitors and we proceed to the next step: the consolidation of your presence.

Conversion Rates Optimization

Especially if you own an e-commerce store, you need to know how many visitors turn into buyers. Conversion rate refers to the percentage of people who come to your site and buy something. Think of it as a “visitor” being converted into a “customer.” A conversion rate of 3% means that only three out of one hundred people actually made a purchase. In this case, it’s important to understand why people don’t buy, we can help your company to improve your in-store conversion rates. 

Gestione Reputazione dell'azienda

Our reputation management program takes care of the good name of your company on the internet. It includes a number of strategies aiming to build a positive perception of you by your potential customers and generate trust in your company.

Pay per Click Advertising

Your company needs to know much about people interested in the products you are selling. Pay per Click is a method of advertising in which your company pays for each ad clicked, usually via an advertising platform such as Google AdWords. PPC can only succeed if you’re bidding on the right keywords. It can be extremely profitable if done correctly, but in order to succeed, you need to know which keywords will bring your company the best results. We help you to find the right keywords and put in place a successful advertising campaign.