Internet Services

Siti internetSince 2004 CbsNet – Internet & Mobile develops internet applications and offers a wide range of professional services: Secure Hosting on our self owned server, Internet websites development, E-commerce solutions, Apps for Android and Ios creation.  Over the years we have dealt with many companies and their areas of activity: Videostore franchisor, Travel agencies, Advertising firms, Goldsmith, B&B, Building Materials companies.








Creazione di contenuti

We are always innovating and we work hard to convert your requests into a reliable, fully working internet solution. We own and manage our dedicated server, where only our customers sites are hosted. This ensures greater safety and higher performance.  Every customer has different needs and we work hard to offer to your company the best possible solution. Your website will be accessible with modern browsers, will have a customized and trendy graphics. It will be easy to navigate and optimized for search engines, users will be able to visit your pages with a desktop computer as well as with their smartphones or tablets.

Cataloghi on-line

Do you need to publish a catalogue of your products on the internet? We have the right solution for you! Easily surfable and with advanced search capabilities, your customers will find immediately what they are looking for. We customize the graphics with your logo and your colors. Our solution is easy to manage, you can do it via a simple and intuitive web interface within a private area. You just need a computer and an internet connection and you can add and change products, prices or create new product categories, associate pictures to each product. As simple as that and when you need assistance we will be ready to help you.

Soluzioni e-commerce

We do not promise miracles but safe and robust e-commerce solutions, optimized for search engines. Our e-commerce project comes in three distinct areas: a public one, dedicated to the presentation of your products and optimized for desktop and mobile devices. After they subscribe to your site, customers can buy your products in a simple “three steps” process. An area is reserved for customers who have already purchased on your site, they can see all their purchases and modify their personal data. The admin area is where you can fully manage  every aspects of your e-shop. Insert and modify products, make offers to your customers, check your income, send newsletters and so on…

Sviluppo applicazioni internet

We develop custom web applications. If your company needs to manage its customers through a web application, then we suggest our Client Manager, a ready-made complete Internet application for companies projects management and recurring customer billing. The application allows through a simple web interface to manage every aspects of the process: you can schedule future work and /or sending recursive invoices in pdf format. Are you a photographer or a professional graphic designer? Want to sell your creations on the internet? Digital Download is the right e-commerce application for selling digital files: e-books, graphics and pictures.

Sviluppo apps per smartphone

We develop the app for your company in a native language for Android and IOS and we publish it on Google Play and the App Store. A powerful marketing tool at your disposal to promote your services, bidding and give your customers the opportunity to be in touch with you. The App is completely personalized with the graphics of your website. Even more, we integrate within the app all the information about your company: audio-video, images and text. You can send to your customers, from your private area, regular updates on news of your company (push notifications). An inexpensive way to inform your customers, more effective then e-mail and less expensive then sms. We integrate inside the App your Facebook and Twitter page, so your customers can share what they want with their friends … Check it out!

Pay per Click Advertising

Our web marketing services cover a wide-range of possibilities: we deal on your behalf for creation of reliable and interesting content for your website, an important requirement for a successful marketing strategy. Our technicians will take care of optimizing your web pages for search engines. It is useless to have a beautiful website if no one knows it exists. We take steps to intercept the traffic of search engines generated by users who are definitely interested in the type of product that your company sells. An example? Keyword advertising or sponsored ads that users see on the side of search engine results when certain keywords are entered.